Friday, November 8, 2013

Mmm Salad

I was 17 years old at the time and was just finishing a show - a fundraiser variety show that my mom and I had put together. By the end of the night, after all the running around, dancing in countless pieces,  making sure everyone was where they were suppose to be, and so on, I was STARVING. We all were. So naturally I blurted out, "I just want a GREAT BIG SALAD!" My dad turned his head and looked at me as if I was nuts. He thought I was going to say steak or something. That would have been a normal answer. Guess I don't take after him in my eating habits. haha
I grew up eating 'healthy' or what was labeled healthy at the time. We always ate vegetables with dinner, I never really ate fast food, and didn't eat a lot of sweets. Now, the hot food topics are about allergies and if something is actually organic or what products are all natural, etc. 

The point to all of this? Salad. You can't go wrong with salad. Leafy green vegetables are the best possible things for you.

I've never liked store bought dressings. So I make my own with ingredients most people have in their kitchen. It's light and delicious. What's the point of salad if you're just going to douce it in some salty, creamy, heavy dressing? Using a light, homemade dressing will ensure that 'natural' part and you will actually taste all the vibrant flavours of each of those veggies.

I start with a leafy green base. I like to use different combinations of red and green leaf, arugula, romaine, spring mix, and spinach. Then I add one or two other fruits or veggies like apple or pear, and cucumber. I prefer to use minimal ingredients to really enjoy the flavours of each ingredient. Then I might add walnuts or almonds for protein.
For the dressing, I drizzle olive oil, lemon juice, and honey, and just a sprinkle of salt and pepper. When I have them, I also like to add fresh herbs like basil. Then I do a quick hand toss to coat all of the greens. Top with some fresh parmesan (or another cheese) and BAM! Quick, easy, and delicious salad.

I use lemon juice AND honey to counter balance each other. If you don't have honey, that's okay, you're salad will just be a little more tart.

Another great thing about this salad? It's hard to get tired of it. With this simple recipe, you can switch it up as many times as you like. Using only a few ingredients makes the possibilities endless.

In this photo, my salad is paired with one of my chic pea burgers and homemade potato chips. But the chips will have to be for another time.



Remember, a healthy mind and body equals a happy and healthy dancer.